SLOH3 – A drinking group with a running problem

Hash Schedule

The San Luis Obispo Hash House Harriers (SLOH3) run every other Thursday evening, with some pick up hashes and special occasion events thrown in every now and then. The Paso Robles Hash House Harriers (PasoH3) run whenever they feel like it – currently mostly on a Sunday afternoon every month or so. Central Coast Pirates (CCPH3) are also running again – check back for updates!

Upcoming Hashes

SLO Hash #335: Hello, Heartbreaking Goodbye Hash!

Cum out and say hello and goodbye to Uber Hasher Just Crystal as she lays her first and last trail at SLOH3 before escaping to Seattle!   Trail is dog friendly but will need a leash for some areas. 
Hares: Chilly Willy & Just Crystal
When: October 13th, 2016 @ 6:30PM
Where: Home Depot in SLO, parking lot near the garden center
Who: Backsliders, halfminds, virgins, hares, harrietts, wankers, visitors, and more virgins!
Bring: $5, condoms, shiggy socks, lube, headlamp/flashlight, and rescue flares.

On to beer On    
Chilly Willy & Just Crystal

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Incriminating Photos

If there’s any information or photos that you would like on the site, please contact the Webmeister. If there are any photos that you would not like on the website that are already on the the website, please contact the Webmeister and he’ll think about taking them down if you are willing to come up with a sizeable bribe.