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Hash Schedule

The San Luis Obispo Hash House Harriers (SLOH3) run every other Thursday evening, with some pick up hashes and special occasion events thrown in every now and then. The Paso Robles Hash House Harriers (PasoH3) run whenever they feel like it – currently mostly on a Sunday afternoon every month or so. Central Coast Pirates (CCPH3) are also running again – check back for updates!

Upcoming Hashes

SLO Hash #345: The Eewhore Strikes Back!
Be afraid… be VERY afraid!!!
I was buzzing last hash and decided to cave to the peer pressure and say,  “SURE I’ll hare the next hash all by my weee lonesome” and have been regretting it ever since.  So you wankers are going to TAKE this trail I feed you and LICK IT!
Oops, I meant ‘like’ it… or did I????  Muhahahaaaaaa!!!
Just kidding.  I am kind and gentle and with the help of my also kind and gentle pappy and offspring, have planned a nice, flat, freshly-paved-only well-lit street trail with nothing but rainbow farts to occupy your thoughts.  But JUST IN CASE I change my mind, you will want to bring every kind of protection you can think of.  Even the morning after pill.  YES this trail will be so HOT that if there is NO sex on trail, I’ll be truly disappointed.  Bring your snorkels and fins, shiggy socks, bug spray, condoms (ribbed and lubed you cheapskates!), Tecnu, antibiotics, Kevlar, Xanax, bubble gum, WD-40 and duct tape.  Oh yeah and $5 and a light and a WHISTLE and CHALK you freaking lazy bastards! Cum prepared!  You’re gonna need all of these things I promise you.  There is a turkey/eagle split and a wonderful surprise and the 2nd beer check.  Mutt friendly for the most part but I did see some poison oak very close to trail (on the eagle) so no bitching about not being made aware of it ahead of time.  Who am I kidding?  If there’s anything hashers are good at, it’s bitching!
Meet at 6pm this Thursday 4/20/17 in the parking lot of the medical plaza on the northeast side of Oak Park and James Way in Pismo Beach / AG border.  Try 911 Oak Park Rd in Pismo on your techno-assistant for you directionally-impaired sods. Good spot is the parking lot right past building 911 – elevated a bit and off to the left on its lonesome… just like me.  (cue violin music)
Ohmigawd REALLY?  You need a pin?  OK here you go:
911 Oak Park Road Pismo Beach CA
Hand-delivering sloppy wet kisses as usual,
Eeeeeewhore  (gonna make U my biyotch Thursday!)



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