Category: Upcoming Hashes

SLOH3 Hash# 403 – Lazy Ass Grave’s Hash

When: Thursday, September 5th at 6pm Who: Grave Robber Where: Rancho Grande Park, Arroyo Grande Alright alright it is that time again. Cum one, cum all for the laziest run in town. It has hills, it has beers, it has D and P because we aim to please. So bring yourself, virgins, moms, balls,…

Do you have the Balls for the new SLOH3 Check?

Brought to you by our Illustrious Religious Advisor Eewhore: Here ye, here ye!!! SLOH3 gots some new moves!!! We found a ball on trail last night and nobody does balls on trail like hashers… So we have a new check. Called ballz check. Image below. Kinda like song check with a number of required participants….