The Hare-Line

This is where you can see the upcoming hashes and who is going to hare. Contact our Hare-Raisers, Randy Whorehol and Eat Fresh and volunteer. You can contact them via email: or via Facebook.

You must know a trail or area that would be great for a Hash. Reach out the the Mis-Management if you have questions. We’ll be happy to mislead you and give you horrible recommendations. But seriously, if you want some help or want to know how to lay a trail, ask someone in the Hash that has laid a trail before.

  • November 28 – Thanksgiving Day – Enjoy The Holiday !! – or go see if you can get involved with the North-South Intercourse Shenanigans – Go look on their Facebook for more information.
  • December 12 – SLOH3 Anal Hashmas Sock Exchange – Details will be cumming soon.
  • January 9, 2020 – The First Hash of 2020.
  • January 23, The Infamous “She Who Will Not Be Named” Hash – Brought to you by our Illustrious Religous Advisor, EeeWhore. Details will be forthcuming.

If you want to hare a trail, here is what we need from you:

  1. Your Hash Name. If you haven’t been named yet that is fine too.
  2. Where is your Hash trail going to start? An address or a map location will work. Keep in mind that the trail should take somewhere around an hour or so to complete. That likely won’t include the beer checks.
  3. When will your hash take place? Our Hash typically runs every other Thursday. However, if given enough notice we can run a hash on a different day. (Maybe even a Saturday)
  4. Does your Hash have a theme? It doesn’t have to, but why not get creative.
  5. Will your trail have a Turkey-Eagle Split? (do you know what a Turkey-Eagle Split is?, if not ask an experienced Hasher) Will it be dog or stroller friendly? It doesn’t have to be, but it doesn’t hurt to let people know.
  6. Will hashers need ID or money on trail? If you plan on having the hash stop at an actual bar, it will be important to let them know.

Then make sure you contact the Hare Raiser at or so that we can update the Facebook Group and create an event.