A drinking group with a running problem


SLOH3 Hash # 386 – the Happy newd year hash

Happy newd year! Soooo…. time for the first 2019 SLOH3 hash!! Who’s in?!? (All the way in.) It’s gonna be a little wet. Well, according to Hovde. (NOT a hasher.) (Definitely a virgin.) But I will guarantee, by all that is shmoley, if your willie is not wet, nor your vagina moist, I will personally see to it that it finds its way to a drippy spot.

Meet Here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Marsh+Street+Parking+Lot/@35.2739061,-120.6726049,18z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1smaino+93401!3m4!1s0x80ecf0fb52dacca1:0x36970f8c16a96d2e!8m2!3d35.2742984!4d-120.6723388

Bring ID and Money


Randy Whorehol & Eat Fresh

SLOH3 Hash# 388 – The Sweet Deck Hash

Hello wankers and wankettes!

Sticky Green Queen here as Hare.

Are you ready for this trail? I sure as hell wasn’t, but its happening.. not to worry though as I only fell 3 times during the testing of this trail and still finished 😀 

So for sure bring your knee pads, virgins, money, drug enhancers, ID, those things you blow that make sounds, a strong work ethic? haha right? and as always if you can’t make yourself cum, have someone else bring you!

Where: https://goo.gl/maps/XfDsKvw5KYE2

201 Bridge St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

When: Thursday, February 7, 2018 (Yes, that is today!)

SLOH3 Hash# 387 SLOH3 : Not the Hare That We Deserved, But the Hare We Needed

When: 6:00p Hares away at 6:30ish

Where: Sinsheimer Park https://goo.gl/maps/Lhf48uvUBiq

Who: Chocolate Starfish and the Hamburglar Flavored Water

What: There will be beer

What to bring:
$5 hash cash 
Bug Spray
Your hot friends
Low Morals
Bad Judgement
New shoes
Cranium Lamp
Cougar repellent



They are allowing us to have separate checks and use the normal menu , band starts at 9. Bring $$, backsliders, hash curious VIRGINS dancing shoes, shiggy socks wrapped, condoms if you think Mongo’s is where you’ll find your lucky charm and fun hashmas spirit. Wear your FUNNIEST CHRISTMAS OUTFIT.

RSVP YOU CRAZY WANKERS.  (reply to the hash email or on the Facebook post)  ANAL SLOH3 HASHMAS!

When:   Thursday, December 13 at 6pm!

Where: Mongo’s Saloon in Grover Beach  https://goo.gl/maps/gBs64Sv4Ujx

SLOH3 Hash # 385 – Skidmark’s Wet and Wild Hash

Olly olly olly!! (Oy oy oy) Hey there hungry hungry hashers! Who’s ready to get wet?!?!? Cuz it looks like it’s gonna be this year’s week of rain. Start for tomorrow is Spike’s Pub on Higuera in downtown SLO. On out! Until then ….here’s some Whitney…   https://youtu.be/i_4PlM85NJo

Where:  https://goo.gl/maps/biHEjDermUE2

When:    6pm  (the same stinking time we always do this thing)

And there is likely to be Pre-Lube starting at or around 5pm.

Central Valley HASHTASTIC 12/15/18

Cum join Fresno-Clovis H3, One Night Stand H3, and Coyote Ugly H3 on Saturday, December 15th, 2018 for the 4th An(nu)al Central Valley HASHTASTIC…and 3rd An(nu)al Potato Salad Invitational!!!

Register here:

PayPal at:

SLOH3 Hash # 384 – (Va)ginas Cuming Syndrome Hash

Cum on out this Thursday and meet at the parking lot by Sinsheimer Stadium for the Sporadic ‘Gina Syndrome hash!! Cums Sporadically and ‘Gina Syndrome (his virgin lay!) are haring a hash just for you! Its flat, no shiggy, wicked easy and on a trail where beer grows on trees… you’ll love it!!

So cum cum cum cum, switch hands and cum cum cum again!   Bring cash, ID, headlamps… and the usual, you, your penicillin resistant STDs (that sh*t be drippin!), virgins who may or may not know about them, some saran wrap… hmmm. Odd. My phone keeps auto correcting “saran” to “satan”… apparently it just goes straight to hell rather than thinking of the light hearted definitely not brimstone worthy lascivious uses for this food preservation product? 

 The trail is dog friendly except for the place that it isn’t.  Fido can be be tied-o outside-o. The trail is not that stroller friendly in some places. 

  Time: 6 pm at the parking lot by Sinsheimer Stadium https://goo.gl/maps/GSzjPihvDUz
  Prelube suggestion: Bang the Drum brewery off Orcutt. They have nice beer! And a food truck full of weiners!! *weiners*

  On on to the Sporadic ‘Gina Syndrome hash!!

Atomic Beaver

SLO Hash #383 – Post-Cocktober HASH

Attention wankers and pisspots! (That’s you btw). Hash will start at charter in SLO so bring your virgins, dogs, costumes and an appetite for beer and blood cause it’s gonna be spooky! So cum if you are able, if not someone can help I’m sure.

Where:  Bridge St, SLO  Near Spectrum in SLO  (Click on the link, Wanker!)

When:    Thursday, November 1, 6pm


SLO Hash #381: Drinking Practice

SLO Hash #381: Drinking Practice

In lieu of running trail a few days before the SLOshball weekend, cum on down to Manrock Brewing in Grover Beach for pizza and pint night.
Show up around 6pm and stay till they kick you out!

And remember, even if you can’t make it the whole Sloshball weekend, you can come out still and play and/or run the trail!

SLOH3 Hash #380 – the Mother Trucker Hash 10-4!

Breaker Breaker 1-9!  Got your ears on?  It’s time to stock up on your go-go juice, motion lotion and hammer down on the next great adventure of SLOH3!  We will pay homage to the original Hashers!  Yes, yes, I know we lick-balls to that wanker, G. at every hash… but he’s a wanna-B!  GASP!  SACRILEGE!  Yah yah, clutch your pearl necklaces (ewwww – just wipe it off – jeeeeeeeez!)  It’s true, you frackin’ lightweights!  Truckers have been doing it longer, harder and were the original debaucherous bass-turds.  They had handles before anyone ever cummed up with the idea of Hash Names!!!  Join Eewhore (and Grave Robber if she has trouble exxxcaping the smokeys and can’t get there in time to properly send you off…) for an interstate convoy for the ages…
Sport your best mustache as a nod to our Dearly Departed Bandit to get proper respect at the beer checks. You KNOW that fu@&er was a hasher!!!  Dipped his wick in every wet spot from here to the Mississippi line!!!
What’s your 20?  Convoy gathers at the end of Fiero Lane in SLO off Broad – dirt parking lot across from SunRun: https://www.google.com/maps/@35.2441293,-120.6430792,20z?hl=en
Thursday, 10-4 (Good Buddy!  durrr, durrr, durrrrrr…), 6PM
Bring your headlamps, high beams, virgins, whistles, chalk, lead foots, ID’s, coldHARDcash, filthy minds, round asses, active tongues and loose morals!  Leave anything at home that slows you down – including inhibitions and pretenses of having real lives!!!!  Pooch friendly with leashes. 
Dry humps and sloppy kisses,
Eeeeeeewhore!!!! On-On!