Hash #186 – 2011 Red Dress Run

SLOH3 2011 Anal Red Dress Run - What'ch Got Under There?

SLOH3 2011 Anal Red Dress Run - Nice Hat!

SLOH3 2011 Anal Red Dress Run - The Part Where We Actually Ran

SLOH3 2011 Anal Red Dress Run - Down Down

SLOH3 2011 Anal Red Dress Run - Vessel

That’s right – everyone wore a red dress, and I do mean EVERYONE. Highlights of the event included a bottle of Jack gettting broken all over someone’s wall and curtains (how does that even happen?), someone falling into a pool with all their clothes on, and a scavneger hunt the next morning to look for items that had been lost the night before (including a camera that had been used and abused and contained various photos to prove it). More photos may be posted … if we can find enough that are not overly incriminating….

Hash #181 – 2010 Christmas Hash & Party

SLOH3 2010 Christmas Hash & Party - Boobs

SLOH3 2010 Christmas Hash & Party - Nice Moustache

After a run in the rain, there was a keg, pizza, and a White Elephant Gift Exchange that included gifts such as Blanca Basura Beer, Cuffy’s Custom Gift Basket of various hilariously inappropriate items, a faux mustache, and of course – the best gift of all – huge stuffed fake boobs.

Hash #171 – Exposition Drive

Hash #171 - Exposition Drive - Drinking Beer While Running - Perfect!

Hash #171 - Exposition Drive - Group Photo

Hash #171 - Exposition Drive - Over the Gate

Hash 171 - Beer / Shot Relay

This was the infamous “Beer / Shot Relay” -after a run over some rocky hills, we then were challenged to run around the block 3 times, each time drinking a full beer or a horrible shot made of Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan … mixed together. Needless to say, there was much puking into neighbor’s bushes. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the puking in the bushes part.