First Time?

First Time?


Congratulations!! For the first time in your life you get to be a Virgin all over again. This is the term that all first time “Hashers” get and you should wear it as a badge of honor.

You are only considered a Virgin until after your first run and then your part of a great world wide organization that focuses on friendship, socializing, exercise and general good will. O.K, so I’m a Virgin, now what?

First Time?


Glad you asked. O.K., here is an overview of Hashing but the best thing you can do is show up at a Hash one day get the scoop!

Once you Hang out with the Hash House Harriers you become part of an International “Drinking Club with a running problem” that has over 2000 individual chapters worldwide. Our primary goal is to have fun and meet new and interesting people. As adults, running can become something different, the fun part can go away and running can turn into something “we have to do” to stay in shape. All we do is put the “fun” back into running.

What’s a Hare? Keep on going…..

First Time?


Hashing is based on an old children’s game called “Hounds and Hares” where one person (the Hare) takes off and lays a trail, usually with flour. After 10 or 15 minutes the rest of the group (the hounds) chase after the Hare ultimately trying to catch whoever it is. To keep the pursuers from catching them, the Hare puts a variety of “Hash Marks” on the ground to try and throw the pack off.  The general idea of the group chasing the Hare is to find the “True Trail”. This is usually done by the faster hounds finding the trail and then marking it with something like chalk to let the slower runners know where true trail is, or by blowing whistles and shouting “ON-ON” to let the rest of the pack know where it is. That is really about it in a nutshell.So what happens at the end of this trail?

First Time?


We’re there, at the end of the trail. So
what happens now?

Nope…not going to be that easy!!

You have to come out and join us to
find out about the rest!!

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