A drinking group with a running problem

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SLO Hash #350: Jizz On Trail Cayucos Hash

SLO Hash #350: Jizz On Trail Cayucos Hash

Can on out, stretch your legs, and try and catch Jizz in Cayucos!
Thursday 8/10/17 6PM
Bring $5, virgins, guests, visitors, moms,  dads, and backsliders
Location: end of 24th Street parking lot at the beach in Cayucos
On slippery trails on,
Chilly Jizz


SLO Hash #349: Pop My Hairy Cherry Hare Hash

SLO Hash #349: Pop My Hairy Cherry Hare Hash

Cum out to San Luis Obispo and run, walk, jog, roll, leap, and/or skip this juicy cherry trail.
Meet 7/27 at 6:00PM at the end of Bridge Street in SLO.

Bring $5, virgins, lotion/lube, cash & ID on trail, shiggy socks, whistles, and brand spankin new running shoes!
Trail is dog friendly but requires both parties be attached to a leash, turkey/eagle split for those show off FRBs.
On On,
Chilly Willy & Just Phil

SLO Hash #348: Fresh Randy Osos Hash

SLO Hash #348: Fresh Randy Osos Hash

Meet 07/13 at 6pm at the end of Pecho Road, Los Osos.
Go down (all the way down) LOVR, deep into Los Osos, turn right on Pecho Road (right past Monarch Grove Elementary School), park at the end of the street.
There will be turkey/eagle spit, dogs welcome, no ID necessary.
Bring $5, a virgin, a whistle, a turkey (or an eagle) (or a baby duck)… (any bird is welcome).
Early birds get the worm – we have choice beer at the start.  And it will be cold!  The beer, not the trail.
On-lick it-On
Eat Fresh & Randy Whorehol

SLO Hash #347: Chilly Shots and Virgin Thotts Hash

  1. SLO Hash #347: Chilly Shots and Virgin Thotts Hash

Cum out, cum out wherever you are!

Rumor has it there will be virgins on trail, only one way to find out so bring your speculum!

Meet at Rancho Grande park in Arroyo Grande at 6:00pm tomorrow,  6/29!
Two, three, and four legged hashers are welcome.
No need for Turkey/Eagle split on this ezpz flour trail.
On this live hare trail On,
Chilly Willy

SLO Hash #346: A Backsliders Journey

SLO Hash #346: A Backsliders Journey

Alright you wanks,
Listen up! Cum one, Cum all to the Backsliding Hash.
It is time to put beers back into your hands on Thursdays! Merica!
No more lazy Thursdays masturbating alone or doing work for the man.

We need to get out and do shit…. Like fuck with horns on our heads!
When: June 1st at 6:00ish (Hares away at 6:30)
Where: Hero Community Park
1600 Farroll Rd, Grover Beach, CA 93433

Items you’ll need > Lube, head gear that provides light, $5 big ones, yourself and maybe a friend.

This is a dog-friendly trail and it has a Turkey, Eagle where you can split and splat yourself to an every good time.
On Meow On

Grave Robber

SLO Hash #345: The Eewhore Strikes Back!

SLO Hash #345: The Eewhore Strikes Back!
Be afraid… be VERY afraid!!!
I was buzzing last hash and decided to cave to the peer pressure and say,  “SURE I’ll hare the next hash all by my weee lonesome” and have been regretting it ever since.  So you wankers are going to TAKE this trail I feed you and LICK IT!
Oops, I meant ‘like’ it… or did I????  Muhahahaaaaaa!!!
Just kidding.  I am kind and gentle and with the help of my also kind and gentle pappy and offspring, have planned a nice, flat, freshly-paved-only well-lit street trail with nothing but rainbow farts to occupy your thoughts.  But JUST IN CASE I change my mind, you will want to bring every kind of protection you can think of.  Even the morning after pill.  YES this trail will be so HOT that if there is NO sex on trail, I’ll be truly disappointed.  Bring your snorkels and fins, shiggy socks, bug spray, condoms (ribbed and lubed you cheapskates!), Tecnu, antibiotics, Kevlar, Xanax, bubble gum, WD-40 and duct tape.  Oh yeah and $5 and a light and a WHISTLE and CHALK you freaking lazy bastards! Cum prepared!  You’re gonna need all of these things I promise you.  There is a turkey/eagle split and a wonderful surprise and the 2nd beer check.  Mutt friendly for the most part but I did see some poison oak very close to trail (on the eagle) so no bitching about not being made aware of it ahead of time.  Who am I kidding?  If there’s anything hashers are good at, it’s bitching!
Meet at 6pm this Thursday 4/20/17 in the parking lot of the medical plaza on the northeast side of Oak Park and James Way in Pismo Beach / AG border.  Try 911 Oak Park Rd in Pismo on your techno-assistant for you directionally-impaired sods. Good spot is the parking lot right past building 911 – elevated a bit and off to the left on its lonesome… just like me.  (cue violin music)
Ohmigawd REALLY?  You need a pin?  OK here you go:
Hand-delivering sloppy wet kisses as usual,
Eeeeeewhore  (gonna make U my biyotch Thursday!)

SLO Hash #344: There might be dinOsaurs on trail… Hash

SLO Hash #344: There might be dinOsaurs on trail… Hash

Cum one, cum all to a land before time where big creatures with little hands walked the land.

There might be dinOsaurs on trail hash is happening!

Meeting on 4/6/17 (Tomorrow) at 6:00 pm

The tennis courts before Inn at the Cove! Can’t miss it.
There will be a Turkey/Eagle split, dogs two or four legged, welcome on the trail .
Bring $5, ID, trail money, flesh and/or flashlight, virgins, backsliders, lube, and whatever else is in your pants at the time.
On Ouch On
Grave Robber and tt long-legs

SLO Hash #343: The Not Quite St. Patties Day, St. Patties Day Hash!

We’re all Irish for the Not Quite St. Patties Day, St. Patties Day Hash!

Meet Thursday 3/23/17 at 6:00PM at 1815 Monterey St in SLO.
There will be a Turkey/Eagle split, leashed dogs welcome on Turkey trail only.
Bring $5, ID, trail money, flesh and/or flashlight, virgins, backsliders, lube, anddddd be sure to wear green!
There will also be a LIVE leprechaun on trail!
On leprechauns On!
Chilly Willy

SLO HASH #342: SOOO GOOD… You’ll Wanna Lick Your Fingers Hash!!

SLO HASH #342: SOOO GOOD… You’ll Wanna Lick Your Fingers Hash!!


Who’s ready to hash this Thursday?? Better yet, who’s ready to drink this Thursday???
Your wonderful hares have scouted a fun, SUPER easy trail for all you pesky hounds. There will be beer, debauchery, booze, possible fornication, a Turkey-Eagle split and…. more beer!! Trail is furry-friendly, so feel free to bring your mutt along.

Time: 6pm… hares away at 6:15pm
Place: Steamers parking lot (Pismo Beach)
Hares: Finger Lickn Good and DJ Glitter Piss
What to Bring: Headlights, cash and IDs (turkeys and eagles!!)
Catch us if you can,

SLO HASH #341: Rand.E-Whorehol Hash

SLO HASH #341: Rand.E-Whorehol Hash

SLO Hash #340: The First Don’t be Afraid of a Little Rain Hash

SLO Hash #340: The First Don’t be Afraid of a Little Rain Hash

I’m sure you can hardly wait to get out and have a little bit of a run in this fine rainy weather.  Well, Grave Robber and I have a nice little trail that you’ll be sure to enjoy.  It’s got something for everyone!  So come on out you backsliders, you know who you are!  We won’t be calling this off 😛
Here is where it begins:
Be there around 6pm
Hares away around 6:16-ish
Probably dog friendly, but definitely keep your furry friend on a leash.
bring headlamps, ID’s and $ if you think you can keep up with the eagles this time.
see you on the trail,
Flogging Wood, Man in Tights

SLO Hash #337: Last 2016 Hash Bash & XXX-Mas Shiggy Sock XXX-change

SLO Hash #337: Last 2016 Hash Bash & XXX-Mas Shiggy Sock XXX-change

Cum out for the last hash of 2016!

Thursday December 8th, at 6:30PM

Kiwanis Park in Arroyo Grande behind Olohan Alley


This trail has everything you’ve ever wanted on a Hash trail and more!

Bring $5, virgins, backsliders, ID, cash, flashlight, lube, headlamp, and more virgins!

110% live hare trail!

Trail is guaranteed to be mostly dog friendly so bring a leash for your friend.

Cum for the Hash, stay for the Shiggy Sock White Elephant Exchange to follow!

To participate, each person must bring a pair of shiggy socks to throw in the pile, preferably new and unworn (I’m looking at you Sprinkle Princess!)

Catch me on-on if you can,

Chilly Willy

SLO Hash #336B: The Gayest Hash Evar! TAKE 2

Cum here, cum there, cum rain, cum shine to the Gayest Hash Ever! In order of gay pride month show your gay loving spirit with all your rainbow clothes.

Meet at the 6:30pm at Santa Rosa Park in SLO Thursday 11/10/16
Dog and virgin friendly. Don’t forget your headlamp, raincoat, and anal lube!

Deep CaCa and Just Landon.

SLO Hash #336: The Gayest Hash Evar!

SLO Hash #335: Hello, Heartbreaking Goodbye Hash

Cum out and say hello and goodbye to Uber Hasher Just Crystal as she lays her first and last trail at SLOH3 before escaping to Seattle!   Trail is dog friendly but will need a leash for some areas. 
Hares: Chilly Willy & Just Crystal
When: October 13th, 2016 @ 6:30PM
Where: Home Depot in SLO, parking lot near the garden center
Who: Backsliders, halfminds, virgins, hares, harrietts, wankers, visitors, and more virgins!
Bring: $5, condoms, shiggy socks, lube, headlamp/flashlight, and rescue flares.

On to beer On    
Chilly Willy & Just Crystal

Unholy Hashermoany Hash!

Unholy Hashermoany Hash!

Wankers! Halfminds!
Cum out this Saturday 10/8/16 to Cuesta Park to join us in Unholy Hashermoany! Blue Twat and Chilly Willy got hitched but that doesn’t mean shit until its ‘Hash’ official!
We will be hareing an extra special trail followed by circle with a super top secret guest Mattress of Ceremony who will join us in Hasher bliss!! Food, drinks and debauchery to follow!!!
Be sure to don your favorite wedding apparel: old brides maid dress, powder blue suit, kilt, spandex, prom dress, camo vest, or just go traditional black and white!
What: Wedding Themed Hash Trail with a Turkey/Eagle split & BBQ (pulled pork, hotlinks, veggie burgers, beans, and slaw)
When: 10/8/16 @ 12:00PM
Cost: $10 for the event and feel free to bring a side or dessert to share
RSVP to trailduster_78@yahoo.com so we know how much food and beer to supply!
On to consummation On
Chilly Willy & Blue Twat

SLO Hash #334: Mandatory Comeback Hash


I write to you on this sweltering Wednesday afternoon with an overwhelming sense of disappointment. We have failed ourselves, we have failed each other and most importantly, we have failed our livers.

I call to Father G and ask his forgiveness as we ALL have sinned. It has been FORTY-TWO DAYS since our last Hash… but we plan to rectify this immediately!!!


When: Thursday, September 29th at 6:30pm

Where: Throop Park in SLO (off Foothill Blvd)

Dropped Pin



Hares: Blue Twat and Glitter Piss

Don’t forget to bring: ID, $5 cash, headlamp, virgins and well, more VIRGINS

Twat and I scoped a trail to help us repent our sins, but we need the help of our H3 brethren. As a Hasher, it is mandatory you participate. Yup, I said MANDATORY! Cancel your plans and get your ass to Throop Park tomorrow (I’m talking to you… RICK JAMES’ BITCH, EEWHORE, PEABODY GUARD, STRANGER DANGER, SPRINKLE PRINCESS, PERMISSION STRIP)! Who did I miss?? Shout them out!!

Each one of us will be required to drink as a backslider, so be prepared. Additionally, we will be naming new mismanagement on the spot, because our current lineup is completely MIA (not including Twat, Chilly and Robber… you guys are cool).

Let’s make Hash debaucherous again.


Glitter Piss

SLO Hash #333: Robber of the Wood Hash

Robber of the Wood Hash


Alright you wankers,
Get those panties out of your asses and off your heads. Be prepared to run up soft hills, slippery mounds and hard wood!
Here are the deets for this trail.
Date/Time: 8/18/2016 (August 18th, 2016) at 6:30 pm
Hares: GraveRobber & Floggin Wood
Items to have: Low morals, money, ID’s, fleshlights and suspected virgins (Lube is optional but appreciated)
Starting Point : 
The blue cargo container at South County Area Transit building
514 Rodeo Drive, 
Arroyo Grande, CA
(Behind the AG Library)

On – still swimming in your mom – On

SLO Hash #332: Chilly Willy & Blue Twat’s Prenup Hash

Chilly Willy & Blue Twat’s Prenup Hash

Hashers and Hashettes,

Are you ready to celebrate the nuptials of Chilly Willy and Blue Twat?? Can I get a “Fuck yeah!”?? We’ve decided to send them off to wedding bliss with a Bachelor / Bachelorette hash you won’t wanna miss!!! And boy, do we have a balls-to-the-wall, blowout trail in store for these lovely wankers.

Be prepared to run hard, soft, fast, slow, up, down…. Ohhh, a little to the left… right therrreeee! Oooo-weee! We’ll be crossing a few peaks and ridges, trudging through some flesh-born shiggy and possibly partaking in a friendly game of sword fighting (and no, we’re not referring to LARPing… let’s leave that to the nerds at Santa Rosa Park).

The boring stuff:
When: Thursday, August 4th at 6:30pm
Where: Meadow Park in SLO (on South Street near Broad)
Hares: Glitter Piss and PC Jew

Don’t forget to bring… ID, cash, EXTRA cash, gender appropriate clothing (whatever the hell that means), glitter-guard, virgins, more VIRGINS, a do-anything attitude and a hunger for victory!!

On On bitches… let’s do this shit!

Glitter Piss

RJB – This one ain’t for you… but we expect you to be there. No excuses old man!!!

SLO Hash #331: 625,978^3

SLO Hash #331: 625,978^3

Hey Wankers,

Who: You, and virgins!

What: HASH time, bitches.

When: 6:30pm Thursday, July 21st.

Where: Throop Park 525 Cerro Romauldo Ave. SLO

How: Booze.

Why: Because you love it. And, we love you.



SLO Hash #330: Hash ‘Morro…

Hash ‘Morro…

Hey, ya wankers,
I’m tired, so let’s just have a mello Morro hash, shall we?
MEET at the south Morro Bay Marina, across from the campsites at the state park. 6:30pm.
BRING yo $5, ID, extra monies, virgins! whistles, lowered self esteem, puppies, pussies, marshmallows, melons, mermaids and virgins!
SEA ya there, hehehehehe….

SLO Hash #392: White Trash Rodeo Hash in El Paso De Robles

White Trash Rodeo Hash in El Paso De Robles

Ya’ll best pull out yer finest beer koozies and join us this Saturday, July 2nd, at NOON for the White Trash Rodeo Hash in El Paso De Robles.
We’ll be corralled around a big ol’ oak tree on Gregory Avenue, between the fair grounds and the pioneer museum.

(Exit 231, Left onto 24th Street, Left onto Riverside Avenue, Left on Gregory Avenue)
Bring: $5, ID, extra cash, VIRGINS, whistles, rope, fake/real tattoos, trucker hats and virgins!
*Not a dog friendly hash, as one pit stop doesn’t allow them 🙁 If they can wait outside for a little bit, the rest of the trail is okay!
ON-AFTER BBQ hosted by Ram Pam and Cockiss! They are providing the venue, but please bring some meat and a side to share 🙂
Please RSVP and, if you are coming to the BBQ, let us know what you can contribute! We all LOVE a good wiener, but 500 of them would be a little too much to handle….Well….Yeah, no, that would be too much….
AND PLEASE wear dirtiest, white trash/redneck a-tire!!!!
;D;D and Just Kristin

SLO Hash #328: Hip-to-Tit Hash

Greetings Wankers, Wankees and the rest of you no-wank-gettin’-biyotches!
Do you want to play a game?  Mmmmmm… we likes games…
Blue Twat and Eewhore are proud to present the Hip-to-Tit hash.  We promises a short, flat, clean trail with lots of hand holding and kumbaya.  HAH!
It’s dog friendly if you don’t mind dirt, mud, bodily fluids and shiggascrub all over your precious pooch.  Long hair divas may want to s*it this one out.  Will need a leash for some parts.
What to bring:  Intestinal fortitude, karate moves, a filthy mind, competitive trash tawk, virgins, chalk, whistle and (no kidding now) HEADLAMP MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE ON THIS TRAIL!  BRING IT!  Oooh… we likes shouty capitals!
There is no turkey trail, but those blasted FRB’s are going to have a VERY hard time so you won’t notice anyway.  Mmmm… hard…
Required boring deets:
Thursday 6/23/2016 at 6:30 PM.
Office entrance parking area of Spice Hunter – 184 Suburban Road, SLO
So. Higuera to Suburban – take a left down the alley between the wine tasting room and Spice Hunter.
Let the Ladies Lead you on a Lovely Lark of a Lap around S.Luis.  Leapin’ Lizards!  Just trying to get you fools to use the “L” motion repeatedly… go ahead try it… now find the man in the boat and apply a variety of pressures until you get desired response.  Moans and such.  heh heh. That first lesson was free… the next one’s gonna cost ya.
Peace, Love and sloppy smooches,
Blue Twat and Eewhore

SLO Hash #327: The 6/9 Hashapalooza!

SLO Hash #327: The 6/9 Hashapalooza!

What: The sweetest, tastiest, though slightly salty and vaguely clammy hash trail of the year!

When: Thursday 6/9 @ 6:30PM

Where: French Park, San Luis Obispo

Who: Runners, virgins, veterans, dogs (with leashes!), turkeys, virgins, walkers, joggers, eagles, crawlers, and virgins!

Bring?: Lotion, $5, ID, flavored lube, cash/card, and VIRGINS!

Chilly Willy