SLOH3 Hash#408 – The F*cking Catalina Whine Mixer

When: Thursday, November 14 at 6pm

Where: The Village Center Parking Lot. It’s behind Yoga Village, on Branch St. in Arroyo Grande

Who: Flogging Wood, Man in Tights and Just Danilyn

That’s right Wankers. This is probably the last official hash of 2019. What will this hash bring? A high likelihood of shenanigans. What’s the chances you can catch a hare when a walker and a runner get stuck haring together? Might be good, might be bad. Might be a shitshow. There’s only one way to find out and that’s to get your ass out to this hash.

Bring your headlamps and flashlights and don’t forget your whistles either. Or you’ll have to answer to Eewhore in circle again.