SLOH3 Hash# 406 – Just Danilyn’s Virginity Lost Again Hash

When: Thursday, October 17 @ 6pm

Where: Sinshiemer Park, San Luis Obispo

Who: Cums Sporadically and Just Danilyn

A hashing we shall go…. to celebrate Just Danilyn’s virgin trail while Cumming Sporadically during her pierced button rubbing out running the FRB’s. Bring your pogo sticks, dildos or any special devices to make it a night to remember. Bring: no morals nor jockstraps, headlamps, $5 for the hash and $20 for socks, virgins, backsliders, ID and a black American Express card.

And just so that you can’t say we didn’t tell you! Don’t forget to bring headlamps, whistles and chalk! Especially if you are a Front Running Bastard. And even if you aren’t.