SLOH3 Needs a Little Hare Support

Hey there Wankers and Half-minds, Harriers and Harriettes! We’ve got a hare lined for the Halloween Hash. But we still need a hare for the next hash on October 17.

Will our Hare-Raisers Randy Whorehol and Eat Fresh come out and lay a trail? Do you have an idea for a trail? Have you laid a trail before? If not, now is your chance. You can lay whatever kind trail you want. Long, short, skinny or fat (wait is this about a trail? ) You get the idea. And you can pick where you want it to go?

Don’t be shy, you’re hashers after all. Reach out to the Hare-Raisers or post to the Facebook Group and let’s see what you can cum up with. Send your email here: or