Do you have the Balls for the new SLOH3 Check?

Brought to you by our Illustrious Religious Advisor Eewhore:

Here ye, here ye!!! SLOH3 gots some new moves!!! We found a ball on trail last night and nobody does balls on trail like hashers…

So we have a new check. Called ballz check. Image below. Kinda like song check with a number of required participants.

Instructional videos included for the next hash… . Learn it. Live it. Love it. Lick it.

Thank you, F you, to Eat Fresh for the brain-challenging trail last night. Hey! Nobody died so I consider that a success.

Next hare is Grave Robber. Make sure you seize the opportunity to come run it and heckle him mercilessly.

🎶 I would rather hash your beer than drink this shitty traillllll…

Or something like that.


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