SLOH3 Hash #398 – Have Muscle Relaxers, will swill beeeeeeer

When: Thursday, June 27, 6pm. Because Thursday is a Hashing day!

Where: Manrock Brewing Company, 1750 El Camino Real, Grover Beach, CA 93433

Who: EeWhore

It’s ARM DAY, biyotches!

That’s right… it’s time for some drinking practice. We’ve been doing plenty of running lately so our buns and thighs are tight like tigers! The sad, sad side of this story is that, as much as I love a tight buttocks, I’ve been noticing some pretty floppy biceps in our kennel and that just won’t do. Well, that ends now! Time for multiple 16oz curls. I’m talkin’ about GAINS baby! 

Cum join lame-ass Eewhore for a few laps around the challenging outdoor area of Manrock Brewing this Thursday evening at 6. We can commiserate and refocus our efforts to rediscover our dis-honor as Hash House Harriers!

See you soon, slackers…