SLOH3 Hash# 396 – X-RAYTED Cum On (Just) Irene Hash

When: Thursday, May 30 at 6pm

Where: 2 James Way, Pismo Beach, California 93449

Who: Xrayted Butt Pirate and Just Irene

Thursday is a hashing day! Get ready to run, walk, crawl, move in any forward direction up hills, through shiggy, parks and parking lots to find whatever it is you’re looking for except for the hares.
A to A trail starts at 6pm hares away at 6:30. Bring whatever you’ve got, virgins, backsliders, cash…
*There are lots of ticks in the shiggy. Yuk

Go to the Facebook Event and you can see who’s cumming


When: May 16 – 6pm (approximately)

Where: Addie Street Parking Lot, Pismo Beach –

Who: Cums Sporadically and Just Anal Please

Get ready to lube up for this tunnel of a trail, make sure your shaved. Wear your shiggy socks and new shoes as there will be lots of shiggy and some P.O.3 beers stops. Bring: ID and $, head lamps , who said HEAD????,o backsliders, hot horny virgins, dogs if they can sit outside a bar for a bit, and your love for adventure. If you don’t sign up we don’t know how much beer to bring!

Go to the Facebook Event so you can see who is cumming!

SLOH3 Hash# 394 – SLO Hash Marathon!

When: May 2, 6pm (every other Thursday)

Where: Community Baptist Church – Google Maps Link

Brought to you by: Randy Whorehol

You already tell your friends you’re in a “running club.” Now you can tell them you are a SLO Hash Marathon Finisher! Not only did you finish [on her tits/his tongue], but you medaled!! You will conquer 26.2 beers and we will have boobs set up at the finishing line! If you still have trouble finishing, Chad’s mom will be standing by. Beverages and snackies will be on hand to re-fuel and re-hydrate.

Show up at the warm up/fluffer station at Cummunity Baptist Church parking lot on Foothill near the Bishop’s Peak trailhead at 6 pm. Bring virgins, serious runners, whistles, chalk, ID , nut-ritional supplements, gels (you know what I mean by “gels”), and galoshes. Dog friendly (and by ‘dog,’ we mean your girlfriend) and stroller less friendly. Runners and walkers of all ages and levels welcome (but please first submit measurements, both flaccid and erect).

Go to the Facebook Page to see who is cumming:

See you on the trail Wankers!!