Month: January 2019

SLOH3 Hash# 387 SLOH3 : Not the Hare That We Deserved, But the Hare We Needed

When: 6:00p Hares away at 6:30ish Where: Sinsheimer Park Who: Chocolate Starfish and the Hamburglar Flavored Water What: There will be beer What to bring:Virgins$5 hash cash CompassBug SprayYour hot friendsLow MoralsBad JudgementNew shoesVesselCranium LampCougar repellent

SLOH3 Hash # 386 – the Happy newd year hash

Happy newd year! Soooo…. time for the first 2019 SLOH3 hash!! Who’s in?!? (All the way in.) It’s gonna be a little wet. Well, according to Hovde. (NOT a hasher.) (Definitely a virgin.) But I will guarantee, by all that is shmoley, if your willie is not wet, nor your vagina moist, I will personally…