Month: April 2018

SLOH3 – Hash# 368 – The Drunken Truffle Shuffle

HASH 368 April 19 @ 6pm Drunken Truffle Shuffle Brought to you by Cums Sporadically and Chilly Willy Meet at the parking lot on Shell Beach Rd and Beachcomber Dr in Shell Beach. Wear your tutu and new shoes! Bring $$, ID, wild virgins, headlamps, (who said head) whistles, low morals , backsliders and a…

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SLO Hash# 367 The Randy Fresh Hash

Oooooohhhkay. 6pm behind Old Navy, next to the dumpsters, where you belong, we’re meeting for tomorrow’s hash. Bring the usual: virgins, dirty whores, IDs, cash, dogs, whistles, candy, and your sparkling personalities. On-it like a hobo on a ham sandwich-On.