A drinking group with a running problem

SLO Hash #335: Hello, Heartbreaking Goodbye Hash

Cum out and say hello and goodbye to Uber Hasher Just Crystal as she lays her first and last trail at SLOH3 before escaping to Seattle!   Trail is dog friendly but will need a leash for some areas. 
Hares: Chilly Willy & Just Crystal
When: October 13th, 2016 @ 6:30PM
Where: Home Depot in SLO, parking lot near the garden center
Who: Backsliders, halfminds, virgins, hares, harrietts, wankers, visitors, and more virgins!
Bring: $5, condoms, shiggy socks, lube, headlamp/flashlight, and rescue flares.

On to beer On    
Chilly Willy & Just Crystal

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